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留學生宿舍 International Students Dormitory
Every month, the monthly free power for every international student in your dormitory building is 80KWh. Since all the rooms are twin rooms, and there are two persons in one dormitory room, the free power in the room should be 160KWh/month. If in a particular month, the usage of the energy in your room is beyond the quota, please contact the dormitory officers for how to purchase.

校園卡Student Card

NEU Student ID Card: The ID card is for the dining halls, swimming pool, gyms, examinations, shuttle bus, etc. The validation for the card show applies. If you don’t have the card while you register, please go to apply for the card at the Card Center.
If your card lost, please go the Card Center to apply for a new card.
The fee for the card is 12 Yuan.

教室 Classroom
Al the unoccupied classrooms on campus are open for self-study. The opening time is about 7:00-22:00.